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Upon arrival, every person undertakes to be aware of the regulations of the Camping du village and to comply with them throughout their stay.


Arrival and departure

  • Arrival: from 1 pm

  • Departure: 11 am

  • We ask you to arrive before 9 pm. Please adjust your trips accordingly when planning. We reserve the right not to accept arrivals after 9 pm.



Number of people on a site

  • 2 adults and two children (up to 13 years old)

  • Maximum authorized per site: 6 people (children included)


Any excessive noise likely to inconvenience or annoy other campers in any way is strictly prohibited at all times;


Mandatory between 10 pm and 8 am.


Keep your pet on a leash at all times. No aggressive animal tolerated. The dog owner must pick up his pet's droppings immediately whether it is on his property or not. On the tenant's property, the dog with his rope must never exceed the limits of your property. The dog should not be left alone in the trailer if he has a tendency to bark. If the neighbors are disturbed by your dog's barking, you will be invited to take your dog out of the campsite. The owner of the animal is responsible for his actions. He understands that he is responsible at all times for his animal from a safety as well as legal point of view and that in no case can the Camping du village, his / her owners / families and / or staff be held responsible for their act.


Fires are permitted unless otherwise indicated by SOPFEU or the City of Percé. Campers must light them only in places designed for this purpose.


Fireworks are prohibited at all times.


The landlord provides tenants with a playground. The tenant understands that he is responsible at all times for the supervision of his children and visitors and that the landlord cannot be held responsible for injuries resulting from their use.


The maximum speed allowed on the campsite is 10 km / h.


Only one vehicle parked per site location. All other vehicles, as well as those of visitors, must remain in the parking lot at the entrance.


All work must be done before June 15 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. No work allowed on weekends.


Pedestrians must respect camper sites by not crossing them. In addition, pedestrians travel on rough terrain where some places are not lit, so they must use caution at all times to avoid injury. Pedestrians understand that at dusk, darkness, wet weather etc ... they venture out realizing that there are imminent risks beyond the landlord's control. The pedestrian must walk while being concerned with respect for nature and others.


Users will have the right to walk around while being concerned about respecting nature and pedestrians. All these conditions will have to be respected otherwise this privilege will be withdrawn from the user. As soon as night falls, it is forbidden to ride a bicycle on the campsite for safety reasons. Cyclists must obey the signs. CAMPING DU VILLAGE and its owners and / or staff will not be held responsible for injuries to cyclists who have fallen due to holes, rocks or other defect in the road.


It is strictly FORBIDDEN to use GENERATORS. Customers who do not respect this instruction must leave the campsite.

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